iWavenology products


Passive drone detection system


Real time location system


Wireless auto-following system
Cost efficient

We provide our customers an innovative solution while minimizing deployment and maintenance costs in many cases and scenarios.

Users and drones tracking

iWavenology solutions are able to precisely track and follow targets indoor&outdoor as well as unwanted UAV in any area.

Data analysis

Comprehensive big-data gathering and presentation tools on an intuitive software.


iWavenology solutions can work in non-gps and non-line-of-sight environments.

iDistance for combating Covid-19


CES2021 Fight against Covid19!

We will join CES 2021!

iWavenology press coverage

CES 2021 iWavenology creates iDistance, a wearable device to potentially stop the spread of Covid-19

The pandemic requires everyone to think about innovative solutions to ensure safety for all employees at the workplace. That is why iWavenology created a simple device that generates an alarm whenever a person comes too close to another: iDistance. iDistance is a wearable product that helps companies stop the potential spreading of Covid-19. Using UWB technology, it can process up to 50 users simultaneously within 1 second.

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Expo to show 88 cutting-edge tech

A team named iTech has developed the first commercialized radio frequency front-end module for wireless positioning under the leadership of National Taiwan University’s Graduate Institute of Communication Engineering professor Mao Shau-gang (毛紹綱), who secured a US$5 million order for the module at the Viva Technology show in Paris in May.

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2019 未來科技展展前熱身賽 五大科研壓箱寶搶先看


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STPI Escorts MOST’s Deputy Minister to VivaTech 2019

Among the ten startup teams, two were representatives for the MOST’s TRUST-U Program, namely: the precise positioning solution developer iTech led by Professor Mao Shau-Gang from National Taiwan University, and the AI-based driver fatigue monitoring system developer, FaceHeart Inc., led by Professor Wu Bing-Fei from National Chiao Tung University. By joining VivaTech 2019, the Trust-U teams were not only able to gain exposure and raise funds but also to reach out to their target customers. It was unprecedented for MOST to lead a delegation of startups to Europe. The arrangement enabled the startups to approach the European market in proximity, thereby winning orders from the local customers. Moreover, the delegation visited several accelerators and enterprises in French and Luxembourg as an effort to secure startup resources and investments in Europe in addition to extending cooperation opportunities to various industries.

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Start-up secures purchase order at French tech show

A Taiwanese start-up developer of a positioning system for uncrewed vehicles has secured a US$5 million purchase order at a conference in France, the Ministry of Science and Technology said yesterday, expressing the hope that Taiwan and France will continue to deepen technological collaboration.

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Une start-up obtient un bon de commande au salon français de la technologie

Le ministère de la Science et de la Technologie a annoncé hier que la société taïwanaise, qui développait un système de positionnement pour les véhicules non équipés, avait obtenu un bon de commande d’une valeur de 5 millions de dollars lors d’une conférence de presse. Elle espère que Taïwan et la France continueront à approfondir leur collaboration technologique.

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