Wireless auto-following system

iFollow is based on the combination of an advanced wireless communication system and an efficient signal processing algorithm. iFollow provides the world’s first cost-effective solution for smart robots to achieve the auto‐following function without using the image recognition technology. iFollow is the perfect solution for your vehicle to achieve active tracking and passive sensing functions with centimeter accuracy.

Compared to other following solutions like Lidar and camera, iFollow can work in a GPS-less scenario, a crowed environment or a color-similar background. iFollow can easily determine the position of users by setting only four sensors on the corners of the robot/vehicles. iFollow is optimized for applications in a variety of markets including factory automation, healthcare, safety & security, warehousing & logistics etc...

iFollow sensors can easily determine the positions of targets by only setting four sensors on the corners. Hence, the droids can follow the corresponding RF tags.


Sensing Period : millisecond
Distance accuracy : centimeter
Easy Setup
GPS Free

Target application

Smart Buildings
Distribution and industry
  • last mile delivery service: a vehicle or robot with iFollow function can carry products and help customers and deliverer
  • Following robot helping carry materials for maintenance work by technicians
Smart Buildings
Care service
  • Assisting doctors and patients in hospital
  • Assisting people at home to be more independent