Passive drone detection system

Nowadays, Most of the current solutions regarding drones detection are either ineffective or illegal.

iShield, as a passive drone detection system, can perform under FCC regulation. It can detect drones and their pilots in a wide range area. With its easy setup and user-friendly interface, it is now affordable and easy to protect buildings from the potential dangers of harmful UAVs.

Most importantly, this product is compatible with its electromagnetic environment and it does not emit any radio energy that causes electromagnetic interference in other devices in the vicinity.

iShield’s advanced wireless communication and innovative signal processing capabilities push the boundaries of target tracking technology. Its cost-effective solution achieves high precision without the disadvantages of conventional active radar and image recognition, such as the strong radiating emission and the unclear pattern recognition.

iShield has successfully implemented this technology in the drone detecting system, establishing a radiation-free, continuous and “all weather” UAV surveillance system.

With a cutting-edge passive drone detection solution, we provide a legal airspace security.


Easy Setup
Multiple UAVs and operators
detection distance: up to 5km
Hardware+ software
AI-powered algorithm
User friendly hardware device and software interface
Portable solution

Target application