CES2021 Fight against Covid19!

iDistance is a safe distancing assistant that help companies protect their employees during COVID-19 but also increase safety in the workplace. We are using the revolutionary UWB technology, 10 times more accurate than Bluetooth solution to have centimeter accuracy without using personal data or camera.

Asia flexes tech muscle in COVID fight with 'smart masks' and robots

iWavenology, a spinoff from National Taiwan University, presented products to help workers maintain social distancing. To know more:

CES 2021 iWavenology creates iDistance, a wearable device to potentially stop the spread of Covid-19

The pandemic requires everyone to think about innovative solutions to ensure safety for all employees at the workplace. That is why iWavenology created a simple device that generates an alarm whenever a person comes too close to another: iDistance. iDistance is a wearable product that helps companies stop the potential spreading of Covid-19. Using UWB technology, it can process up to 50 users simultaneously within 1 second.

Drones désinfectants, masques intelligents… le secteur de la tech innove avec le Covid

A box designed by the Taiwanese company iWavenology sends an alarm signal if two people do not respect the rules of social distancing. “The pandemic is forcing all of us to think about innovative solutions to ensure the safety of all our employees in the workplace. To know more: