iWavenology team at TAIROS event

two men and an autonomous disinfection robot during an exhibition in Taipei

Last week, we had the opportunity to participate in TAIROS in Taipei. TAIROS (Taiwan Automation Intelligence and Robot Show) is a smart manufacturing theme exhibition on industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing series and was held from August 19th to Saturday, August 21st.

Taiwan Automation Intelligence and Robot Show is an exhibition around Automation intelligence & robotics technologies, products, equipment, and electronic components. Based on Manufacturing applications, the show does not only cover every type of application which includes factory production, manufacturing, assembly, and other processes but also extends the solutions of Intelligence automation into daily life from living, recreation to the medical area.

This year, TAIROS international forum was divided into four sessions with the theme of "breakthrough and innovation, advancing and manufacturing the future". The CEO Forum invited leaders of well-known enterprises such as Shanghai Bank, Advantech, Wenmao and Dongyuan to talk about enterprise management and well-known manufacturers discuss the strategy of robots. One of the objectives is to explore the new thinking and key deployment of Taiwan manufacturing in the post epidemic era. This event introduced companies from different fields including logistics, mold, 3D printing, and other topics, covering digital transformation, mold intelligent manufacturing, etc.

We had a blast meeting you and fellow engineers. We were thrilled to show iWavenology Autonomous Disinfection Robot to combat the COVID-19 Pandemic. We believe that IoT and Robotics sectors, all united, can create innovative products and services for fighting global pandemics. See you all next year!