iDistance challenged at MobiCom

iDistance features will be challenged during Mobicom 2020 in September

We are thrilled to announce that iDistance has been chosen to be part of a benchmarking on Social Distancing Assistants (worldwide) during Mobicom 2020, organized by Digital Catapult and IoTBench, that will be held from September 21st to September 25th. Digital Catapult is an advanced digital technology innovation center in the UK. IoTBench is an academic and industry community effort to provide better tools and methodologies to evaluate and compare technical solutions.

Workshop on Benchmarking Cyber-Physical Systems and Internet of Things

In the Workshop on Benchmarking Cyber-Physical Systems and Internet of Things where we will participate, Digital Catapult in collaboration with IoTBench and Imperial College London will test social distancing assistant devices from many companies in London as part of an industry benchmarking exercise. The results will be presented during the IoTBenchmarking event on September 25th at MobiCom 2020. Mobicom 2020 serves as the premier international forum addressing networks, systems, algorithms, and applications that support mobile computers and wireless networks. The conference covers all areas of mobile computing and mobile and wireless networking. In addition to the regular conference program, MobiCom 2020 will include a set of workshops and research demonstrations.

The virtual workshop (IoTBenchmarking event) brings together researchers from the different sub-communities to engage in a lively debate on all facets of rigorously evaluating and comparing cyber-physical networks and systems.

The challenge

How accurately can iDistance measure and monitor safe social distancing between two people in an indoor environment by detecting proximity violations. As the UK’s workforce prepares to get back to its offices, indoor social distancing is needed to ensure employee safety.

You want to be a part of the workshop and witness iWavenology social distancing assistant results? Each company will have a 10 minutes presentation followed by a Q&A session. Don’t miss the chance to challenge iDistance and ask us questions about our innovation! Online registration is accessible here .