Location & Positioning systems

What are the different Location and Positioning systems?

First of all, what is a LPS (Location and Positioning System)?

A Location and Positioning System is able to locate and track targets like people, objects, vehicles… It can be used indoor or outdoor depending on the needs and also the technology. Lately, a lot of research has been made to build more accurate with no latency locating systems. The LPS has many applications in a variety of markets including agriculture, smart building control & automation, factory automation, healthcare, safety & security, warehousing & logistics etc...

The different indoor wireless positioning systems

RFID (Radio frequency identification)

RFID tag is usually made with a serial number. It stores data that can be forwarded wirelessly to a reader (scan).

  • - No battery needed
  • - Short range
  • - Expensive infrastructure

Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11)

While GPS is inaccurate indoor, Wi-Fi Positioning System linked with an app installed on a smartphone can be a good solution to localize targets indoor.

  • Easy-set up (existing Wi-Fi infrastructure)
  • - Inaccurate (5-15 meters accuracy)
  • - Latency

Bluetooth Low Energy - BLE (IEEE 802.154)

This system is composed by beacons that transmit radio frequencies using Bluetooth. These wireless signals can be detected by a mobile phone or tags.

  • - Cheap
  • - Low energy consumption
  • - Signal strength (RSSI) unstable
  • - Low-range detection (less than 30 meters)

UWB ( UltraWide Band)

UWB is a short-range wireless signal. The location of targets can be easily detect in any environment, in 1D, 2D or 3D without latency. The position of the tag is determined by the Time of Flight (ToF) and measure the running time of light between the anchors and the tags.

  • - High-accuracy
  • - No latency
  • - Can be expensive

At iTech, we developed our own IC’s which allows us to provide a cost-effective solution with better results:

    - High-accuracy: <16 centimeters

    - Long-range detection: 600x600 square meters

    - Cost-effective

The perfect solution for every customers with high expectations.

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