Resources to learn about UWB

Ultra Wide Band Technology is making the future of wireless communication system. Want to know everything about this subject? We selected for you some podcasts and videos about UWB.

Your iPhone’s New 6th Sense – U1 & UWB Explained | Techquickie

A podcast on basics and useful information regarding UWB.

Ultra-Wideband (UWB) in the iPhone 11 | Mister Beacon

What is UWB and what are the implications? By mister beacon.

Ultra Wideband & You | Stephen Cooper | WLPC Phoenix 2020

If you ever need to know all the fundamentals about UWB technology in half an hour, the following video should be your first choice. (A walkthrough of UWB technology – its spectrum, radio regulation, mitigation techniques and ranging algorithms (TWR, AoA/PDoA, TDoA).

10 Epic Fails of Location Tracking | Jussi Kiviniemi | WLPC Phoenix 2020

Time to learn from Jussi from Mist Systems as he reveals his RTLS experience: (Bonus at the end: UWB in Action by Milan Simek).