Covid-19: Safe Distancing Assistant for a safe workplace

COVID-19 and post COVID-19 requires to think about innovative solutions to ensure safety for all employees returning to the workplace. At a time where we should give the first priority to health worldwide, we must think about a solution that can ensure safety while working.

At iWavenology, the engineers’ team work relentlessly to provide our customers a solution to protect themselves and their co-workers in the workplace . While a vaccine for the Covid-19 is not expected to be available in at least one year, key measures such as social distancing will be critical to avoid the spreading of the virus in the workplace (Including factories, offices, schools etc…) Social distancing appears to be the most effective barrier against the virus, according to the medical & scientific community.

But this referral must appear a little hard to remember and to implement during work... Do you see yourself counting meters between you and your colleagues while working on an important task?

iWavenology created a simple device that generates an alarm or a vibration whenever a person comes too close to another: iWavenology Safe Distancing Assistant.

Why should you use iWavenology Safe Distancing Assistant?

iWavenology was founded by Professor Shau-Gang Mao of National Taiwan University, an expert in the areas of wireless communication and signal processing. Its technology has been recognized in the Macronix Golden Silicon Awards, the Texas Instruments Innovation Challenge, and the Innovative Electromagnetism Challenge. Its world-class scientists, engineers, and creators have a passion for staying on the forefront of technological innovation with three cutting edge product.

iWavenology Safe Distancing Assistant is a high-accuracy and real-time positioning system that can operate indoor and outdoor. Using UWB technology, it can identify the locations of thousands of targets simultaneously within 0.1 second and with centimeter accuracy.

This solution makes it possible to address multiple use cases while minimizing deployment and maintenance costs in many cases and scenarios. The UWB signal is very robust and can penetrate thin walls, making iWavenology Safe Distancing Assistant also suitable for various challenging indoor environments.

Simply put, we provide wearable devices (Tags) to all staff that can wear it around their arm (armband), as a watch or around their neck etc… The Tags will vibrate whenever workers are detected as being too close to each other regarding your instruction . (The fatal distance between them is customizable). iWavenology use Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) technology for the most accurate distance measurement technique available in the market.

  • • Audible or vibrating alert
  • • Uses ultra-wideband, 10x more accurate than Bluetooth®
  • • No infrastructure required
  • • Adjustable distance
  • • Contamination chain audit
  • • Privacy protection : log without sensitive data
  • • Hygienic

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