Covid-19: Back to work guidelines

As we still fight worldwide to fight against the COVID-19, we believe sharing good practices regarding safety in the workplace is essential. We have listed one of the most essential measures to take while going back to the office. Feel free to share your own ideas and solutions!

Measures to adopt at work during Covid-19

  • • Frequent hand-washing or disinfection with alcohol based hand sanitizer
  • • Covering coughs (with the arm)
  • • Physical distancing: 1.5 meters (to help respect social distancing: iDistance )
  • • Wearing masks in closed environment
  • • Ventilation of the environment (open windows regularly)
  • • Limit unnecessary travel
  • • If someone is having Covid-19 symptoms: requiring to stay at home
  • • Discourage workers from using other workers’ phones, desks, offices or other work tools and equipment, when possible
  • • Implement frequent cleaning of the workplace (keyboards, door handles, elevators, etc...)
To have a better understanding of safety at the workplace while facing COVID-19, we recommend you to check these official reports:
International Labour organization published on its website a very useful Policy Brief:

World health organization published very useful tips for health and safety at the workplace: