IoT benchmarking results

On Friday, 25th of September, we participated to IoT benchmark event during Mobicom 2020. As the event was organized by Digital Catapult, based in the UK, it was a little bit late for us (9pm to 11pm), but we found this event very instructive and wanted to share the results with you! Digital catapult realized 3 scenarios to analyze the results of our social distancing assistant and competitor’s ones.

Scenario 1: standing and moving colleagues

Two people are moving towards a standing person making a beverage (5 meters) and enter the proximity violation. (Check how fast the alarm is triggered as well).

iDistance (iWavenology product) was the first solution to detect instantly the proximity violation between the three colleagues. In real life, that means our solution is well developed to help people respect social distancing and is very reliable.

Scenario 2: Walking towards each other

This scenario was about two people walking towards each other with different speeds (50cm/s and 100cm/s) in a corridor.

iWavenology – iDistance solution performed extremely well compared to the other solutions. We got a 100% reliability in this scenario even at a higher speed. Thanks to these results, we can prove and ensure a 100% reliability on proximity violation detection with a swift response from our solution compared to others on the market. The digital catapult lab was impressed by iDistance results.

Scenario 3: Subjects on either side of a wall

On this scenario, digital catapult wanted to test the solutions to see if they would take into account the wall between two subjects and NOT detect proximity violation.

When the wall was made by wood almost every solution detected the subjects as entering in a proximity violation (almost 100% false positives).

For iWavenology team, social distancing remains extremely important in the workplace. That is why we want to make sure two colleagues working in the same office should be aware of their proximity even though they are separated by a thin wall. As shown, our solution detected these two people as entering the proximity violation. This shows again that our solution is extremely precise and can detect perfectly in a complex indoor environment.

We would like to thank Digital Catapult team to organize this event and running very interesting tests on our social distancing assistant. You can check the presentation we have done especially for this event: